Avalon Consulting, LLC Announces “Getting Started” Workshop for Walmart Labs OneOps

Custom engagement designed to empower enterprises to quickly assess open-sourced application lifecycle management platform from Walmart Labs

PLANO, Texas – Feb. 18, 2016 – Avalon Consulting, LLC, a leader in delivering business value through information technology, today announced the launch of a high-impact workshop for enterprises interested in evaluating Walmart Labs’ OneOps, a continuous application lifecycle management (ALM) platform for cloud-based workload.  Avalon’s 3-day workshop will enable organizations to reduce cost, time, risk and uncertainty related to suitability of OneOps for their ALM needs. The workshop furthers Avalon’s commitment to supporting full circle DevOps.

OneOps, the most comprehensive open-source ALM product available, allows developers to build and launch new products and features faster, forklift legacy applications to the cloud easily and maintain applications throughout their entire lifecycle with advanced auto-healing and auto-scaling capabilities. ALM products, such as OneOps, seek to alleviate the friction between business, technology and operations groups in organizations entering the Digital Economy and adopting cloud computing.

“The promise of executing DevOps consistently and efficiently is in enabling IT to deliver breakthrough business results; OneOps is an innovative, comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management platform that will make that promise a reality for many,” said Brian Johnson, Sr. Director of Engineering, @Platform, Walmart Labs. “A primary challenge an enterprise will face in exploring OneOps due to its comprehensive nature is simply getting started. Workshops, like the one being offered by Avalon, are an excellent way to overcome that challenge in a cost-effective and timely manner and start off down the right path.”

Avalon’s 3-Day Workshop for OneOps, offered onsite and customized for each client delivery, is designed to guide an organization in assessing OneOps within the context of that organization’s unique business operations and technology environment. The highly interactive workshop offers a guided, hands-on experience with OneOps combined with a facilitated discovery session to capture the organization’s current applications delivery practices. Additionally, the workshop identifies opportunities for optimizing existing Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline and DevOps practices. Where appropriate, the conclusion of the workshop will include a high level outline of tasks and work effort required to achieve successful implementation of the OneOps platform.

“The tools and techniques used to implement and manage applications in a hybrid multi-cloud architecture like OneOps are nascent and evolving. Technology and training environments that offer education and assistance to do so would be a welcome and valuable resource for those so charged,” said Carl Lehmann, a hybrid IT analyst with 451 Research.

The tactics required to achieve success with DevOps initiatives are increasingly complex.  Aligning system architects, developers, administrators and business stakeholders to rapidly deliver new features with no downtime but a great return on investment is a growing challenge. Avalon provides expert leadership to guide clients in realizing the benefits of DevOps through accelerated adoption of, and enhancements to, agile development, continuous delivery, architecture, and cloud management processes.  OneOps is designed to offer all stakeholders in a DevOps initiative the easy-to-manage control truly needed to succeed. Avalon’s 3-Day Workshop for OneOps is designed to ensure organizations can get started in a fast and cost-effective manner.

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Avalon Consulting, LLC is a technology consulting leader providing support for businesses of all sizes to maximize and utilize data and analytics in order to grow revenue, drive profit, and compete in a fast-paced global economy. Avalon specializes in enabling full spectrum DevOps. As a result, clients are able to turn data investments into actionable results. Avalon has benefitted over one-hundred organizations, primarily Global 2000 companies, through its four core service offerings: Continuous Delivery, Cloud Automation & Management, Agile Delivery, and Architecture. The volume and variety of data that organizations need to manage and analyze is changing rapidly and Avalon is plays a critical role in enabling our clients to navigate through it all. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Avalon also maintains offices in cities across the US.

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