Avalon featured in VMBlog.com on topic of Data Governance

Avalon’s VP of Analytics and Data Science, Dr. Wayne Applebaum, was featured in the 2016 Virtualization and Cloud Prediction Series on VMBlog.com, in a piece entitled “Data Governance in the World of Cloud and Big Data“.

In the article, Applebaum asserts:

People want their information sources to resemble a utility; turn the tap and the water flows. No need to worry about which source the water came from, the pipes that carried it to you or the treatment plant it went through. The water provided is reliably assumed to be from a trusted source. But in terms of information utility, we are not quite there yet when it comes to reliably assuming it comes from a trusted source.

Data Governance needs to play a role in providing this consistency and helping us achieve that “utility” state.

Read the full article on VMBlog.com.

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