Rise of Big Data in Ports and Terminals

Avalon’s VP of Analytics & Data Science, Wayne Applebaum, is featured in the August 11, 2015 article “The Rise of Big Data in Ports and Terminals” in Port Technology International. PTI is the leading quarterly journal and daily online information service for executives at port authorities, terminal operators around the world, maritime academics and industry suppliers.

An excerpt from the article:

It is clear that experts agree on the importance of Big Data for exploiting business potential, however it is not clear on how important it is for success. To gain a better understanding, Dr Applebaum explains the impacts for businesses that do not make the best use of Big Data analytics.

“The answer to this question will vary from business to business. As with any capability, it depends on the importance of a solution to a company. For example, in the area of preventative maintenance, the ability to harvest and monitor sensor data to predict when a part might fail (as opposed to using the standard manufacturers suggested maintenance period) could result in maintenance savings or avoiding unexpected catastrophic failure.

“Further understanding and consolidating this information across vessels and parts providers could provide insights that would be more difficult or impossible to perform, without big data technology.”

Read the full article here.

For additional insight on how to get more value from analytics, read this informative article on asking the right questions by Applebaum.


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