Avalon in CRM Magazine: Is Hadoop Worth the Hype?

Avalon Consulting LLC’s VP of Analytics & Data Science, Wayne Applebaum, has been featured in CRM magazine’s January 2015 issue in an article entitled “Is Hadoop Worth the Hype?” One excerpt from the article:

The biggest problem of all, experts agree, is that Hadoop’s seeming boundlessness instills a proclivity for data exploration in those who use it. Relying on Hadoop to deliver all the answers without “asking the right questions” will prove to be “terribly inefficient,” Applebaum says. Extracting value and meaning from the data stored and processed in Hadoop has been a pain point for many early adopters, and is likely one of the main reasons why widespread adoption has been slow.

Read the full article on DestinationCRM.com. Learn more about Avalon’s Hadoop and Big Data services.

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