How Will Higher Ed Meet the Demand for Data Scientists?

Professor Sriram Mohan was recently featured as a guest columnist in EdTech magazine writing on the topic of meeting future demand for data scientists.

Mohan drew upon the experience he gained in industry while on sabbatical with Avalon in laying out the challenges facing both industry and academia and suggesting a path for partnership that will better prepare students for the future workplace:

mohan1“Longer-term experiences, such as my training sabbatical, should also be considered. My experience led directly to development of new courses in Hadoop and modern database paradigms. The time I spent working in the ever-changing world of Hadoop and NoSQL databases at Avalon was critical to those courses’ development. Given the rapid pace at which Big Data technologies are now advancing, it is imperative that academia and industry find additional ways to collaborate to better prepare our students for the workplace.”


Read the full article on the EdTech website.

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