Avalon insights featured in Plotting Success article on Business Intelligence Analysts

Avalon’s VP of Analytics & Data Science, Dr. Wayne Applebaum, is in the media again, this time contributing insights to an article titled “Survey: What Employers Are Looking For in a Business Intelligence Analyst”.  The article appears on Plotting Success, a BI blog published by Software Advice — the leading provider of detailed reviews, comparisons, and research for software buyers.

The article focuses on employments trends including geography, employers and skills sets.  Applebaum’s contributions provided reasons behind the facts, such as why health care is leading the hiring and why sourcing is still primarily an IT function.
Some of the key findings:
1. The most BI analyst job openings were located in California (20 percent), followed by Texas (10 percent).
2. Computer science was the most requested degree, with 50 percent of employers listing this qualification.
3. The most open BI analyst positions were located in the healthcare industry, comprising nearly 20 percent of listings.
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