Tony Jewitt, VP of Big Data, Weighs in on Privacy with Dell Tech Page One

Tony Jewitt, VP of Big Data Solutions for Avalon Consulting, LLC, weighed in with Dell Tech Page One for their May 8 article “Data collection raises privacy issues“.

One excerpt from the article points to a simple example Jewitt uses to highlight how Big Data touches aspects of our lives that are commonplace:


VP of Big Data Solutions, Tony Jewitt

For example, Jewitt points out that energy companies used to collect home metering information once a month or a few times a year. Now, smart meters monitor customers and collect their data 24/7. “What companies collected historically and what they are collecting now is at a new level,” he says. “If people were singled out, it would be considered intrusive.”

Jewitt was also recently featured in the Wall Street Journal in an article exploring how Big Data is sparking corporate turf fights.

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