Wall Street Journal cites Avalon’s expertise in Big Data

Avalon’s VP of Big Data Solutions, Tony Jewitt, provided expert commentary in today’s Wall Street Journal article “Big Data Sparks Corporate Turf Fights“.

One excerpt from the article:

These troves of new information are becoming a high-stakes issue for companies, with significant opportunities to leverage the data and boost business—but also to make significant missteps. So, corporate departments are debating which of them is best set up to oversee the process.

Tony Jewitt, a vice president at big-data firm Avalon Consulting, LLC, says it resembles “the early days of the Internet,” when companies were trying to understand the technology, figure out the best ways to use it and which department should be in charge of it.

For the rest of Jewitt’s insights, click to read the full article.

Avalon continues to demonstrate industry leadership in the field of Big Data through:


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