Information Week features Avalon’s “Question Space”

Information Week recently interviewed Avalon Consulting, LLC’s VP of Analytics & Data Science, Wayne Applebaum, regarding his declaration of the importance of the Question Space.

In the Information Week article, author Jeff Bartolucci writes:

questionspace[1]Getting big data to deliver usable insights is an elusive goal for many companies.  In fact, nearly half aren’t achieving the level of value or return on investment (ROI) they had expected from their big-data platforms, according to a recent study by research firm Wikibon.

So what’s a business leader to do? According to Wayne Applebaum, vice president of analytics and data science for Avalon Consulting, LLC, a Plano, Texas-based firm that advises more than a hundred Global 2000 enterprises on data management issues, the key is to find your “question space.” Ask smart, enterprise-focused questions that enable big data to have a positive impact on business and marketing decisions. 

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