Tech Page One Cites Avalon in Big Data Silo Article

Tech Page One, an online publication of Dell, has published an article titled “Segregating big data? A case for creating IT silos”.



Avalon’s VP of Big Data Solutions, Tony Jewitt, was called upon to provide an expert view of the big data landscape within corporate environments.



An excerpt from the article:

Big data can benefit IT, too, by forcing IT professionals to refresh their skills and keep pace with new technology for gathering and curating information. “There are many new software systems that corporate IT has to learn to implement, manage and support these big data applications,” says Tony Jewitt, vice president of big data solutions with Avalon Consulting LLC. After all, traditional databases typically depend on an ability to organize information into rows and columns — a structure not always suited to big data. With big data, IT must learn to store and manage information in document-oriented databases.

The full article may be read here.

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