Another Global Search Experience Enhanced Utilizing Avalon Consulting, LLC’s Unified Search Platform™

Leading Investment Firm Engages Avalon to Update and Consolidate its Search Platform

Plano, Texas – August 14 , 2013 –Avalon Consulting, LLC, a leading implementer of Big Data, Web Presence, Content Publishing, and Enterprise Search solutions, today announced another successful enterprise-scale implementation based on Avalon’s Unified Search Platform (USP). USP is an innovative framework that facilitates lower cost and lower risk development of elegant user interfaces with any of the leading search engines available today.  In this most recent implementation, Avalon’s client, an independent global investment management firm offering a wide range of investment strategies and vehicles to retail, institutional and high net worth clients, needed its individual investors to have access to detailed information on hundreds of funds and thousands of fact sheets.

The firm sought strategic advice from Avalon on several challenges including: updating its aging search platform (Ultraseek 5.4.2), consolidating its platforms to address an inherited solution from a recently acquired operation, and ensuring that the rollout of search for the first time in key markets was done most effectively.  Prior to commencing development activities, Avalon conducted its 3-Day Search Workshop with the client, ensuring optimal value relative to project expense. Additionally, leveraging USP further reduced project cost, eliminated project risk, and enhanced usability of the final solution.

Avalon‘s 3-Day Search Workshop has been an effective tool that several dozen enterprise clients have taken advantage of to ensure that the technical features offered by search solutions are properly aligned to business goals. Once business and user goals are established, Avalon evaluates a company’s search needs to show where and how modern search technologies can best be applied to achieve a maximum return on investment. The workshop is a critical step to help set the path forward. For the global investment firm, the workshop helped the client create a realistic, low-risk plan to implement the right search solution including:

  • Selecting an Autonomy IDOL search implementation running on a Vignette portal that the customer is able to quickly and easily replicate across multiple geography web properties.
  • Implementing Avalon’s USP greatly enhanced enterprise search usability which helped end-user investors navigate thousands of documents better manage their time and money
  • Putting the right time and resources toward the search project so that it would be user friendly and effective – and able to scale quickly to new web properties.

“A common pain point we see is that implementing a search engine is easy, but implementing a search solution that meets the needs of a user is hard,” said Mike Green, Practice Director of Avalon’s National Consulting Practice. “People tend to not make the investment that is required to make the search experience user-friendly and effective.  We can help companies make the right investment from a time and cost perspective. And, our proprietary USP technology enables a feature-rich search experience that can be implemented and repeated quickly for a global distributed enterprise hosting multiple web properties.”

Avalon’s Unified Search Platform simplifies the presentation of search results spanning multiple data sources with a flexible user interface. USP is currently providing the user interface in production for Enterprise-scale implementations against Autonomy IDOL, Solr, Google Search Appliance, MarkLogic and Ultraseek. Enterprises seeking a proven and portable user interface that can transcend their search engine selection will benefit from USP, achieving a lower cost, lower risk, and highly flexible solution maximizing the end user experience.

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Avalon Consulting, LLC implements Big Data, Web Presence, Content Publishing, and Enterprise Search solutions. We are the trusted partner to over one hundred clients, primarily Global 2000 companies, public agencies, and institutions of higher learning. Avalon is known for providing clients a superior engagement experience through a combination of business acumen, intellectual curiosity, collaborative work style, and strong partnerships with award-winning vendors. Avalon’s deep technical expertise mitigates project risk and reduces total cost of ownership for our clients. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Avalon also maintains offices in Austin, Texas, Chicago and Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit

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