Rapidly Expanding Birst Partner Program Delivers New Source of Easy-to-Deploy, SaaS Business Intelligence Solutions

Avalon Consulting, LLC Among 27 Systems Integrators To Join Innovative, Client-Focused Program in First Year

San Francisco, Calif. – March 16, 2010 —Birst, a leading provider of on-demand business intelligence (BI) solutions, continues to rapidly expand its innovative partner program amidst skyrocketing demand for increased business insight. Working with Birst to deliver affordable, easy-to-deploy, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) BI solutions, 27 systems integrators have joined The Birst Partner Program in its first year.

Partners include providers of ground-breaking BI solutions ranging from mobile sales analytics to marketing-specific dashboard analytics. Additional systems integrators deliver implementation and customization services.

According to a new IDC report, the SaaS BI market will grow three times faster than the overall BI market, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 22.4 percent through 2013. Increased product sophistication and strained IT budgets will fuel the SaaS BI expansion. As a pioneer in the field of SaaS BI, Birst is working with its partners to provide on-demand solutions that deliver a full-range of BI functionality, without the cost, complexities, and inconvenience of on-premise and open source solutions.

Birst’s innovative partner program provides many benefits, including:

  • a customized training roadmap for each partner
  • best-practice sales and marketing tutorials
  • implementation and support processes

Birst and its partners work to ensure clients have access to cost-effective, user-friendly, and completely integrated BI solutions that meet their growing needs.

“I’ve never seen another organization provide the level of education and strategic support we’ve received from Birst. It’s really more of an ongoing dialogue,” said Dave Motheral, Head of Partners and Channels, Centripetal Media. “Birst has helped us figure out how best to incorporate its technology into our solution, while also providing the continuing education we need to make sure our clients see the best possible results.”

Companies using Birst include Children’s Choice Learning Centers, a provider of early child care and educational services to children, parents, and employers. Birst and Avalon Consulting, LLC, a leader in the development and delivery of advanced Enterprise Web Presence solutions, are partnering to help Children’s Choice increase its profitability while extending its services to more children.

“Avalon’s expertise and Birst’s BI solution have combined to make a huge difference to our business,” said Dan Lawler, Chief Financial Officer, Children’s Choice. “Avalon recommended Birst because we needed an easy-to-use solution that would allow us to continue to focus on our core business. With Birst, we’re more efficiently managing our labor costs, which allows us to optimize the number of children attending our centers and bid more competitively on new business. Ultimately, that means we can fulfill our goal of providing high-quality care to more children and their families.”

As a SaaS BI solution that is fast to deploy and affordable, Birst demonstrates far greater time-to-value than traditional on-premise and open source applications. Birst is the only integrated BI suite to combine the economics of the cloud with the ability to host data on premise. Birst also provides all of the components needed for advanced BI, along with true ease of use with drag-and-drop functionality.

“We’ve worked hard this last year to build a program that fosters true partnership through education, training, co-marketing, and continuous communication,” said Randi DiPrima, Vice President of Global Partners, Birst. “Our goal was not just to put together a partner program, but to join forces with market-leading companies that share our determination to deliver the best—in expertise, technology, and long-term value for our clients.”

Companies partnering with Birst to help clients increase their business insight include:

Appregatta – Appregatta, a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions, makes selecting and deploying SaaS solutions incredibly easy for enterprise companies. As a partner, Birst is part of Appregatta Cloud Network, comprised of leading independent software vendors and systems integrators committed to solving real world business challenges through a structured, consultative approach to identifying, supporting, and delivering winning solutions.

Avalon – Avalon’s expert consultants provide the technical know-how and leadership necessary to seamlessly integrate Birst with clients’ existing systems and data sources so that clients can focus on the business value achievable via SaaS BI. In addition, Avalon’s e-Learning practice is collaborating with Birst to deliver high-quality, on-line learning curriculum for Birst’s services and capabilities.

Intelligence on Demand Now (IODNow!) – In collaboration with its marketing domain partner, Premium Knowledge Group (PKG), IODNow! has built PRI-STAT, a revolutionary marketing solution based on the Birst SaaS platform. PRI-STAT links transaction, demographic, and psychographic information about affluent customers and prospects to provide on-demand predictive insights that lead to enhanced return on retailers’ marketing investments.

Spartan Technologies – With extensive expertise in architecting and implementing BI solutions, Spartan Technologies creates low-cost, Birst-based solutions that deliver critical business insight across sales, marketing, and operations. Using Birst, Spartan also develops custom BI solutions that enhance the analysis and reporting capabilities of CRM products such as Salesforce.com.

About Birst
Birst™ is the leading provider of on-demand business intelligence solutions. Birst brings the benefits of fact-based decision-making to a much broader audience by making it affordable, fast, and easy to use. Birst is designed to support users of all sizes—from individuals to groups and entire companies, so that everyone can benefit from greater insight into their business. More information is available at www.birst.com.

About Avalon Consulting, LLC
Avalon Consulting, LLC architects and implements solutions in Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Search, Social Computing and e-Learning that help Global 2000 and other large organizations achieve productivity by capitalizing on enhanced Enterprise Web Presence. Avalon enjoys strategic partnerships with innovative enterprise platform vendors such as Autonomy, Baynote, Birst, Ingeniux, MarkLogic, Open Text and Vivìsimo. Headquartered in McKinney, TX, Avalon also has offices in Washington, DC and Denver, CO.

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