Avalon Consulting Launches DC Office Of Smart Enterprise Content Solutions Company

Fast-growing Enterprise Content Consultancy extends reach with new eastern regional office.

DALLAS, November 15, 2005 – Avalon Consulting, LLC, an innovator in the design and delivery of large-scale, business-critical web solutions, today announced the opening of its Washington DC office. Nearing its fourth year of operation, the rapidly expanding Dallas-based firm is extending the reach of its proven e-commerce, E-learning, and critical web-based customized content solutions business into additional markets more easily served from the new location.

“The past two and a half years have been spent in successful identification, adoption and delivery of meaningful Smart Enterprise and Enterprise E-learning solutions on behalf of our clients,” said Tom Reidy, founder and president of Avalon Consulting. “Our partnerships and experience with these early clients show us that there is a growing trend toward convergence of traditionally disparate content delivery channels such as intranets and extranets, collaborative environments, and E-learning. Our unique ability to address the challenges organizations face in managing this convergence has afforded us fairly rapid growth and now the opportunity to expand our geographical presence with confidence.”

Avalon will continue to focus on solutions in two distinct, yet related, product and services arenas: Smart Enterprise solutions and Enterprise E-learning. Its expertise in turnkey delivery of web content management systems, enterprise portals, collaboration and interaction management business applications working in unison, and state-of-the-art, interactive and innovative E-learning solutions provided the foundation for its initial successful client implementations and resultant growth pattern.

Avalon serves all business segments with a primary focus on the Fortune 5000 community, large healthcare entities, and today’s evolving educational institutions. Early client projects in the Texas education market include an innovative and efficient E-learning implementation for teaching staff in the Fort Worth (Texas) Independent School District (ISD) and an online instructional management portal for McKinney (Texas) ISD. Other Avalon client productions include an enterprise, collaborative portal solution for a national, non-profit healthcare corporation spanning both content management and E-learning arenas; and an e-commerce implementation for environmental services and industrial waste specialist Safety-Kleen.

“We have been very fortunate in the caliber of our first flight of partner clients,” added Reidy. “Through our work efforts with them, we have proven our business plan, tested our expertise, and stretched a bit to experience the satisfaction of exceeding our own objectives – earning our reputation as trusted advisors. We intend to pursue the same type of aggressive and forward-thinking client partners and to continue to expand our staff with professionals meeting our high standards as we move forward.”

About Avalon Consulting, LLC
Avalon Consulting, LLC, headquartered in Dallas, TX, and with offices in Denver, CO and Washington, DC, designs, builds, implements, and manages Enterprise scale content solutions for Next Generation Web, e-Learning, business process efficiency, and Search. The company expertly delivers critical, customized content management systems and portals; collaboration applications; state-of-the-art, interactive and innovative e-Learning courseware using the Applied Dynamic e-Learning Process & Tools (ADEPT™) model; integrated Business Process Management; and secure, reliable, and meaningful Search solutions across the enterprise. Continual and expert mentoring, knowledge transfer, and a hands-on customer service philosophy further guarantee Avalon delivers solutions that matter and are easily adaptable and maintainable. Avalon enjoys strategic partnerships with key industry organizations such as Autonomy, OutStart, Lombardi and Vignette Corporation.

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